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Buying an Investment Property?

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What To Look For...

Property Condition 

Think your getting a deal too good to be true? Make sure you do you due diligence. We recommend conducting a building condition assessment, environmental, and engineering  report before finalizing a deal. This can also help negotiate a lower price.

Loan to Value

Yes there are programs out their which allow investors to invest with as little as 5-10% down payments. This can be a good or bad opportunity, it all depends on the deal. Book a call with us to find out if your financing options make sense for your potential new investment home.


The age of the property is often overlooked, just like anything buildings have a timer. The older the property the more you should expect to pay for maintenance.


Cash on Cash Return %

This is the most important factor when it comes to real estate investing. Is it  worth buying an investment property based on the cash on cash return percentage? Lets find out, book a consultation today.

Potential Appreciation - 5 & 10 Years

Ontario is known for appreciation in property value, however as an investor you should identify the risks with speculative investing. There are certain municipalities  which receive more funding by governments, corporations, and investors. 

Cap Rate

The most common measurement for investment properties is the cap rate. You can find out what your cap rate is by dividing your net operating income by the purchase price.

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